Friday, February 28, 2014

Professional Hockey Players Reveal Secret Weapon

Do athletes have secrets weapons that help improve their performance? What are they? For some, it’s drinking one 8 oz. bottle of Cheribundi each day. 90 professional sports teams and hundreds of athletes drink Cheribundi to refuel and reduce recovery time in between tough workouts. You’re probably wondering why they drink Cheribundi and how it works.

During sports performance and high-energy activities, certain enzymes in the body can create inflammation in the body’s muscles and joints, causing them to ache. Tart cherries are high in anthocyanins that have been shown to block these enzymes and aid in fast muscle and joint recovery.

A local Rochester News Station recently interviewed players on USA’s Men’s Hockey Team to find out what some of the players’ secret weapons were. Some of the professional hockey players on the team revealed that their secret weapon is Cheribundi, and that they drank it during the 2014 Olympics to shorten their recovery time in between games. Click HERE to read the full-story.

VP of Operations at Cheribundi, Ed Maguire explains, "The speed of the recovery with the athletes within two days using the cherry juice...they were picking up what would normally take them seven to ten days to recover that amount of strength."

While athletes drink tart cherry juice to speed up their recovery time, they also drink it to restore the body’s glycogen stores after rigorous workouts. Tart cherry juice contains carbohydrates and antioxidants that are critical to athletes’ recovery, and improve their ability to train consistently.

So how do we make sure athletes are getting all of the good-for-you ingredients in cherries in Cheribundi? Click here or read our next blog post to find outJ

In the meantime, try the Cheribundi challenge. Drink it for seven days and see if you don’t feel better. Click HERE to sign up!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Birth of Cheribundi's Refresh Blends: Federal Farm Bill Promises Bright Future

Good news for fruit farmers... on Friday, Obama flew to Michigan where he signed a Federal Farm Bill that will provide crop insurance for tart cherry growers and other fruit farmers for the first time.

This bill addresses the challenges and frustrations fruit farmers experience when faced with unexpected weather conditions that can destroy their crops. This takes us back to the challenges Cheribundi, among many other cherry growers, faced in 2012 during the worst recorded crop season in the history of the Midwest.

Freezing cold weather that followed an unusually warm spring destroyed most of the fruit crops, and 90 percent of tart cherries. Cherry growers say that record high temperatures in early March tricked the cherries into blooming early and then, the normal cold weather rolled in and destroyed the majority of crops.  

Faced with a supply crisis, Cheribundi was forced to think outside of the box in order to stay afloat.

While faced with huge challenges in 2012, it led our company to explore what turned out to be a great opportunity. The cherry people had to come up with a way to use fewer cherries while still providing a delicious and refreshing product.

An idea that started by squeezing lemons and turning them into cherry lemonade transformed into the launch of our entire Refresh product line; 5 delicious juice blends and 4 refreshing tea blends! Although 2012 was a sour season, Cheribundi ended up finding the silver lining.

There’s a bright future ahead for fruit farmers and cherry growers. The Federal Farm Bill will help and protect them when they are faced with hardships like the ones they were faced with in 2012.

And we can keep on innovating and continue making the tasty Cheribundi we all love.