Friday, August 31, 2012

Check out the latest review and giveaway from Sarah at her Running at Disney blog.  She loves the Ginger and the Whey.

"I love the taste of ginger and it’s always a refreshing addition to beverages.  This was a clear winner for me...This was my favorite juice before workouts because of that extra zing from the ginger!"

The Whey is "perfect for an after workout drink!  You get the anti-inflammatory benefits, multiple vitamins, plus all of that muscle recovery goodness from the whey protein."

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mini reviews from the Thirsty Dudes and the Boulder Food Blog

The Thirsty Dudes reviewed Cacao Cherry (after previously reviewing Tru).

They said, "It's a little like a chocolate covered cherry, yes. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that anything that is chocolate and cherry must taste like cherry cordials. It does but with less sweetness. It's still tart but still retains that awesome chocolate taste. If you are into that type of thing, dessert at all hours of the day, this could be the drink for you."

The Boulder Food Blog reviewed all of the flavors and said, "[These] carry the punch of 50 cherries each bottle - and they are pretty awesome. I'm not such a 'tart' fan, so I found the Skinny Cherry to be my favorite, Whey and Cocoa are pretty strong without a mixer, but this is your health, people. Drink 'em straight, mix 'em in a smoothie, or do like BFB and try 'em with vodka... Get your own at Whole Foods and"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Even MORE Blog Reviews

Katherine at Real Food Runner loves the Tru Cherry.  "Amazing! I especially like how this one tastes. The tartness from the cherries makes it different than most fruit juices which is fun."

Amanda at Run Principessa is allergic to ibuprofen, so she looks forward to the anti-inflammatory benefits of drinking Cheribundi.  She likes all the flavors of Cheribundi.  "Our favorite? Definitely the Cacao Cherry. Dark chocolate and cherries. Yum! Anybody surprised?"

Both blogs are hosting giveaways by the end of the week, so click on over and enter to win a 12-pack mixed variety case of Cheribundi!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Win Some Cheribundi!

Falon reviewed Cheribundi on her blog, Falon Does Marathon, and she's holding a contest to give away a 12-pack to one lucky winner.  Check it out here. You have until Monday, August 20 to enter her contest.

Falon says, "Tastes freaking delicious. Like cherry pie in a bottle delicious! My favorites were the Tru Cherry! Skinny Cherry! Whey Cherry!"

Monday, August 13, 2012

Review from Yo Momma Runs

Click on over to Yo Momma Runs to read the latest review and enter to win a 12-pack sampler of Cheribundi!

The Momma of Yo Momma Runs, Lisa, says, "If you love cherry cobbler but don't want to sugar overdose, you will love Cheribundi. Every time I tested one, my taste buds told me I was drinking a delicious cherry cobbler. And the tart cherries are a superfruit filled with antioxidants and nutrients? Yes, please!"

She especially enjoyed Tru Cherry, "I like that it only has two ingredients, and the taste was fantastic. Definitely two thumbs up for taste."

Friday, August 10, 2012

Blog Review from Keep Moving Forward

The latest blog review is up and the verdict is delicious!

Kayla at Keep Moving Forward likes all the flavors but as a runner, she's especially partial to our protein flavor.

"I used the Whey Cherry for a recovery drink after a long run and after a hard workout and it felt incredibly refreshing both times! I really enjoyed every drop. It was an easy recovery drink because it was light and not super thick. It was also perfect for summer because it had a fruity flavor instead of a heavy chocolate or vanilla."

She also made a yummy float with Cheribundi and ice cream.  "Each of these drinks was super refreshing on ice.. but I decided to take it a little bit further with the Tru Cherry and make a dessert out of it - now if this isn't the best athlete's dessert than I don't know what is."

Kayla is giving away a free case of Cheribundi, so head over to Keep Moving Forward and enter the contest before August 15th. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sample Cheribundi this Weekend!

Where are you shopping this weekend? Come try some Cheribundi!

Tomorrow, Lisa will be at Whole Foods Market in Lake Grove, NY. She'll be there all day so stop in and say hi.

On Saturday, we'll be sampling Cheribundi at Nugget Markets in Vacaville, Eldorado Hills and West Sacramento, CA.

Christa will be at Fairway Market in Woodland park, NJ.

Rob will be at Whole Foods Market Schaumburg in the morning and Whole Foods Market Palatine in the afternoon.

Maria will be sampling at Whole Foods Market Westport, CT, in the afternoon.  We'll also be at Market Streets in Plano and Lubbock.

Sunday, August 12th, Rob will be at Whole Foods Market Northbrook and Maria will be at Whole Foods Market - Milford. Christa will be at Gourmet Garage at 1245 Park at 96th.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

This week's review and giveaway!

The latest Cheribundi review is from Jenelle at Mile Twenty Eight.  

She says, "I really liked the taste of the Tru Cherry.  I told my husband it tasted exactly like I was drinking a cherry.  He tried some and quickly agreed.  We both think that anyone who likes tart cherries, would like this flavor."

She also says, "If I had to pick a favorite, I would choose the Skinny Cherry.  Great taste and fewer calories!"

Jenelle's contest will run until August 10, so click over to read her review and enter to win a 12-pack of Cheribundi!