Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chris Johnson’s Cherry Practice

When he’s not helping athletes recover and train for their next marathon, practicing physical therapy in his New York City facility or presenting evidence-based research to medical practitioners, Chris Johnson is training for his next triathlon, and is performing better now than ever in his life. What’s his secret? You guessed it – tart cherry juice (and a lot of hard work, of course!).

We had the opportunity to speak with Chris about why he uses tart cherry juice in his own training, as well as a recommendation for friends and other athletes, and we were thoroughly impressed. Not only is this guy a renowned physical therapist, but his background is extremely impressive. He speaks from his own experience, and is an expert when it comes to physiology and how the body works. He also is up to date on the latest research as it relates to nutrition and muscle function and strength, and makes his dietary decisions based on facts.

So, when we asked Chris about why he drinks cheribundi, he dove right into the science, filling us in a study conducted by the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine evaluating tart cherry juice and its effect on delayed onset muscle soreness. In the study, those that drank tart cherry juice experienced significantly little strength loss compared to those that did not. In addition to the research, Chris talked about the science behind the cheribundi process, which preserves the fruit’s antioxidants and functional ingredients. Furthermore, Chris has seen from his own personal experience that when it comes to improved athletic performance, tart cherry juice works!

As a daily cheribundi drinker, Chris has not only seen an improvement in his sleep, but he is running faster and training harder than ever before in his life. When he was a young, endurance athlete, doctors told him he probably wouldn’t be running past the age of 23, due to muscle wear and tear. Now at age 33, Chris is in the best condition of his life, and he attributes a great deal of his ability to his daily dose of cheribundi, which he has been drinking for the past 4-5 years.

When we asked Chris what advice he gives to his clients and the athletes he worked with, he said that when they ask for recovery recommendations, he recommends tart cherry juice. In his words, “You’re only as good as your last injury and the rehabilitation you received.” To him, tart cherry juice can play a huge role in recovery, allowing some (including himself), to perform at levels they never thought possible.

Interested in learning more about Chris Johnson, and his training secrets? Check out his website, www.chrisjohnsonpt.com.

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