Sunday, October 9, 2011

Catching up with Kayaker Galen Volckhausen

Galen  Paddling the Tygart River in West Virginia
Last time we caught up with our 16 year-old star athlete, AKA “The Big Water Bandit”, we chatted about his deep passion for kayaking, his dreams of becoming a world champion on the US Kayaking Team, and how he turns to Cheribundi to soothe his aches and pains after long days of training in wild rapids.

Galen is still at it and is training, kayaking and competing more than ever. He is even attending a college preparatory high school that has a special kayaking program - a perfect fit!

We would like to share our interview with Galen to keep you up to date as we follow this dedicated teenager on his inspiring journey where he not only navigates the bumps and turns of his own life, but those of Mother Nature’s white water...

How was your summer - how much did you train and what competitions did you participate in?
I had an amazing summer. I paddled every weekday and spent most of those training. So far this summer I have been in two competitions. The first was the Canada Cup on the Ottawa River. I made it in to the finals in 3rd place. I finished in 5th place over all. My second competition was two days after the Canada Cup. It was the Labor Day Raquette Race. Which consisted of 6 rapids 3 of which are class V. I did not place well, but I hit all my lines great!

What is your next competition and when? What are you doing to prepare for it?
I am not quite sure when my next competition is. I am planning to make it to some races in Chile. There is a whole circuit down there and I  know I will be there for a couple of the races. In preparation for those I am attending Go Huge Kayaking AKA New River Academy. It is a traveling white water kayak school.

Are you still drinking Cheribundi regularly? How much and when?
I am definitely drinking still drinking Cheribundi regularly. I drink a bottle every day, I do not have a specific time I drink it but they are nice to wake up with.

With school starting soon, will it be hard to keep up your training? What will your training schedule look like during the school year?
As I said I am going to Go Huge Kayaking. I will not have as much time to paddle with this but it is not hard to train. Currently my schedule is school four times a week and kayaking for 3 days. My schedule always changes up depending on where I am. For example, we are getting ahead now so we can take more time off in Chile to paddle.

How much closer are you to achieving your goal of making it on to the US kayaking team?
Scouting the Niagara Gorge near Ontario 
If I was good at the beginning of the summer then I am great now. You really do not know until the competition but over the summer I got to the point where I can hit almost any trick. Now it is just up to getting to the point where I can hit anything anytime that I want to be able to hit it. So I would say that I am much closer to making the team. The only question now is when the team trials will be, and if they will happen soon enough that I can compete as a Junior.

Sounds like you are well on your way, Galen. 
The Cheribundi team is very proud of all that you have accomplished thus far and we love being your sponsor. We are happy to hear that drinking Cheribundi continues to aid you in your active lifestyle and we can’t wait for the next update!

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