Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Detox in 5 Easy Steps

From our friends at Mother Nature Network

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We all know that Halloween is practically synonymous with sugary candy and sweets.  Cupcakes, caramel apples, candy bars, and lollipops are just a few of the indulgences we engage in over this spirited holiday. While it’s fun to treat ourselves, we can’t forget that we’re still consuming loads of processed sugar, artificial colors and flavors, and lots of empty calories that affect how we feel and our body’s system.

Here is a simple and healthy detox plan for you and your family to help rebuild and replenish the body after all of those treats and get you back on track.

Tip 1: Replenish with vitamins, minerals and nutrient-rich food. This means reaching for those colorful super-fruits (like tart cherries!) that are packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients to give your body a much needed boost of nutrition.  Remember,  tart cherries also have heart-health benefits and studies have shown that they may help lower body fat, inflammation, and cholesterol – all major risk factors for heart disease.

Tip 2: Serve and eat plenty of protein. If you experienced sugar highs and lows after eating candy, protein will help stabilize your system. Protein also helps your mood, partly by giving your body the building blocks (that is, amino acids) it needs to rebuild. Plan on eating high-quality protein three times a day.

Tip 3: Eat healthy fats. Yes, some fats are healthy! Examples are coconut oil, grassfed butter and extra virgin olive oil. Fats help make you feel satisfied, so you don't feel the need to reach for the candy jar. Fats also help stabilize your blood sugar.

Tip 3: Eat lots of vegetables. All of those refined sweets are hard on your blood sugar, and they also use up minerals in your body to process them. Eating plenty of produce will get your mineral intake back on track and give your system a break from sugar. 

Tip 5: Hydrate! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day flushes out the system of toxins and aids in digestion. Drinking water also helps you feel more satiated and less tempted to eat sweets. 

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