Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chris Johnson’s Cherry Practice

When he’s not helping athletes recover and train for their next marathon, practicing physical therapy in his New York City facility or presenting evidence-based research to medical practitioners, Chris Johnson is training for his next triathlon, and is performing better now than ever in his life. What’s his secret? You guessed it – tart cherry juice (and a lot of hard work, of course!).

We had the opportunity to speak with Chris about why he uses tart cherry juice in his own training, as well as a recommendation for friends and other athletes, and we were thoroughly impressed. Not only is this guy a renowned physical therapist, but his background is extremely impressive. He speaks from his own experience, and is an expert when it comes to physiology and how the body works. He also is up to date on the latest research as it relates to nutrition and muscle function and strength, and makes his dietary decisions based on facts.

So, when we asked Chris about why he drinks cheribundi, he dove right into the science, filling us in a study conducted by the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine evaluating tart cherry juice and its effect on delayed onset muscle soreness. In the study, those that drank tart cherry juice experienced significantly little strength loss compared to those that did not. In addition to the research, Chris talked about the science behind the cheribundi process, which preserves the fruit’s antioxidants and functional ingredients. Furthermore, Chris has seen from his own personal experience that when it comes to improved athletic performance, tart cherry juice works!

As a daily cheribundi drinker, Chris has not only seen an improvement in his sleep, but he is running faster and training harder than ever before in his life. When he was a young, endurance athlete, doctors told him he probably wouldn’t be running past the age of 23, due to muscle wear and tear. Now at age 33, Chris is in the best condition of his life, and he attributes a great deal of his ability to his daily dose of cheribundi, which he has been drinking for the past 4-5 years.

When we asked Chris what advice he gives to his clients and the athletes he worked with, he said that when they ask for recovery recommendations, he recommends tart cherry juice. In his words, “You’re only as good as your last injury and the rehabilitation you received.” To him, tart cherry juice can play a huge role in recovery, allowing some (including himself), to perform at levels they never thought possible.

Interested in learning more about Chris Johnson, and his training secrets? Check out his website, www.chrisjohnsonpt.com.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011



New York, NY -- Cheribundi tart cherry juice along with ultra-marathon runner Scott Jurek announce the Cheribundi Marathon Challenge, an opportunity for aspiring marathon runners to compete online for a great opportunity to win a trip and a coveted spot in the Rock & Roll Marathon or Half-Marathon in Las Vegas, NV on December 4, 2011.  The Cheribundi Marathon Challenge is now open on www.Facebook.com/cheribundi; the winner will be announced on August 4th.

The winner will receive tips from and meet Scott Jurek, a celebrated ultramarathoner who is prominently featured in the New York Times bestseller" Born to Run," and is the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and Badwater Ultra-marathon champion.

Cheribundi created this challenge to underscore the serious health benefits from tart cherry juice, which has shown to act as a natural pain reliever, alleviate aches and pains, produce speedier athletic recovery, increase energy levels and assist in better sleep. Several professional and college football, hockey and basketball athletic teams as well as runners use the product during training.  More information can be found at www.cheribundi.com.

How the Cheribundi Marathon Challenge works:

•    Participants log on to the Cheribundi Facebook page at www.facebook/cheribundi to explain on the “Wall” why they deserve to be selected to run in the marathon. Photos are encouraged
•    Then the voting begins; contestants encourage family, friends, and colleagues to vote for them via the “Like” feature on the Cheribundi Facebook page.
•    The selected marathon runner will be asked to document their journey on Cheribundi’s blog.
•    The Cheribundi Marathon Challenge end on August 4th.

The victor of the Cheribundi Marathon Challenge will receive an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas to run in the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, including air and hotel fare, training packets, receive professional tips and pointers from Scott Jurek, fitness gear and of course, Cheribundi. The Rock & Roll Marathon “Nighttime Running Event” will take place on December 4, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV.
“Cheribundi is all about health and reaching your fullest fitness potential,” says Cheribundi CEO Brian Ross. “We are thrilled to help an aspiring marathoner reach their goal of running in a marathon, and who better than Scott Jurek to help guide them on this journey.”

“I’ve always had the desire to guide people toward a path of wellness and optimal health,” says Jurek. “Whether they are a first-time marathon runner or an experienced ultra-marathoner, this is an exciting opportunity to help an individual reach their ultimate goals.”

About Cheribundi
Cheribundi comes in three great tasting varieties. Tru Cherry™, the original juice packed with the juice of 50 cherries. Drink 8 oz daily to get 2 servings of fruit and powerful benefits that no other fruit offers. Skinny Cherry™ has all the powerful nutrients and benefits of the original juice, but fewer calories and is sweetened with all-natural Stevia. Drink it daily if you're limiting calories and sugar, but still want that great antioxidant punch. Whey Cherry™, with 8 g of whey protein in 8 oz of juice, provides the proper mix of carbohydrate and protein for maximal repair and recovery. It has all the powerful nutrients and benefits of the original juice, but with the extra advantage of protein for those who want to stay competitive.

About Scott Jurek
A Boulder, CO resident, Scott Jurek is a world renowned ultramarathon champion and the 24-hour American record holder of 165.7 miles.  His wins include the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run an unprecedented seven consecutive times, the 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley, Hardrock Hundred Miler in Colorado, and the 153 mile Spartathlon in Greece.  Scott powers his body on a plant based diet and is a passionate cook, physical therapist and running coach.  Scott prominently appears in two New York Times Bestsellers “Born to Run” and “The 4-Hour Body.”   His awards include Running Hero 2005 by Runner’s World magazine, USA TODAY Athlete of the Week, Running USA Ten Best Moments in Distance Running, and multiple Ultrarunner of the Year by Ultrarunning Magazine. He has been featured in the The New York Times, CNN, EPSN Magazine, Outside, Men’s Journal, Runner’s World, Yoga Journal, Veg News and many other media.  For more information visit scottjurek.com.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Interview with Allison Bradshaw, Female Powerlifter

You may be familiar with The World’s Strongest Man competition, and you may have even seen heavy weightlifters on TV, performing unthinkable challenges of lifting extremely heavy objects. Their strength is jaw dropping, and their lifting success proves that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to…even if it involves lifting hundreds of pounds!

Men aren’t the only ones that can tackle heavy lifting, however, and Allison Bradshaw proves that when it comes to lifting with power, women rule! Allison is a nationally ranked in Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, and Track and Field. By day, she is Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Hofstra University, on evenings and weekends she is a personal trainer, and with the rest of her time, she competes in powerlifting and strongwoman competitions.

With such a grueling schedule dedicated to fitness, how does Allison recover and stay in her best shape? We had the chance to ask Allison ourselves, and here is what she told us!

Cheribundi: Allison, how long have you been powerlifting?

Allison: I currently compete in Strongwoman competitions (tire flipping, atlas stones, farmers walk, and other events where you lift odd shaped objects or run with heavy things) where I recently placed 6th in the USA, but I have also competed in Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting competitions, which I have also been ranked nationally.

Cheribundi: How did you get into it?

Allison: I started competing in strength sports as a division I shot putter, where I also was introduced to strength and conditioning. Then after graduating I started competing in Olympic weightlifting, then was talked into doing some powerlifting and then into Strongwoman competitions a year and a half ago when I was working at the University of Florida as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach. I have been training and lifting hard for the past 9 years. 

Cheribundi: Do you follow a special diet for energy/muscle recovery?

Allison: Right now I do not follow a special diet for energy or muscle recovery, that's the reason I drink Tart Cherry Juice every day. I find that it is one of the best products out there for muscle recovery and also helps me sleep better which is a big factor in muscle recovery. 

Cheribundi: How/when did you begin drinking tart cherry juice? How did you learn about it?

Allison: I first learned about tart cherry juice while working at the University of Florida and all of our athletes would drink it part of their recovery, so I also started to drink it and noticed that my recovery was a lot better between workouts.

Cheribundi: What is your experience drinking cheribundi? Do you notice an improvement in muscle recovery?

Allison: When I am training hard cheribundi really helps me recover and be ready for my next workout. If I forget to take it for a couple of days I can tell the difference in the quality of my workouts. I also use cheribundi when I am competing in Strongwoman competitions, since  they normally last 4-6 hours. I'll drink half a bottle between events to prevent cramping and to keep my energy high. Often times there is only 30 minutes between events, so it is the perfect drink to keep me from getting too depleted during a long day of maximum effort events.

Cheribundi:  Would you recommend cheribundi to other powerlifters or athletes?

Allison: I would definitely recommend cheribundi to other athletes. It is perfect for athletes who compete multiple times a day in strength sports and also for endurance athletes. I recently completed in the Tough Mudder New England, a 10 mile run/mountain climb with 26 obstacles in between, and after I was done I drank 2 cheribundis and then another a couple hours later. I think the reason I did not feel as sore as I should have been was because of the cheribundi.

Cheribundi: What advice do you give to aspiring powerlifters?

Allison: My advice is to train hard and get with a group of other aspiring athletes in your sport to train with. The sky is the limit, so if you want to be a world champion start working towards it!! 

To watch Allison in action, check out some of her videos!

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