Friday, January 13, 2012

6 Healthy (and Cherry-licious) Swaps for 2012

With the New Year underway, many of us have vowed to integrate healthier foods into our diets as part of our resolutions for 2012. Changing the way we eat is a process – and a lifestyle change more than just going on a diet. It’s about understanding how the choices we make affect our bodies and how we feel, and then committing to making a change.
Easier said than done!

Here's a list of healthy swaps - things in your normal, everyday diet or routine that can be easily swapped for something more nutritious and less processed – the 2012 food trend,  tart cherries!

The benefits of tart cherries continue to reveal themselves. From high levels of antioxidants to naturally occurring melatonin to anti-inflammatory components, tart cherries do the trick in a wholesome way. You’ll be surprised to find that these superfuits have you covered in more ways than one:

1) Instead of a chocolate dessert, try Cheribundi Cacao Cherry - slightly decadent, but full of the tart cherry goodness.

2) Skip sugary sodas and enjoy Cheribundi Tru Cherry with sparkling water to get your “fizz fix.”

3) Sleeping pills have a risk of dependency. Dose off naturally with the help of tart cherry juice, just 8 ounces before bed gives you 39 extra minutes of sleep and a 6% boost in sleep efficiency.

4) Instead of reaching for the aspirin, reach for a glass of tart cherry juice, which has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe joint & muscle pain.

5) Swap out a milkshake full of calories and blend up a tart cherry smoothie rich in antioxidants.

6) There’s no need for a salty snack when you can munch on mixed nuts and dried cherries.

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