Monday, July 23, 2012

Bloggers love Cheribundi

Check out the latest Cheribundi reviews around the blogosphere:

Roya, at Life of Roya, says, "Each small 8 oz. bottle is jam-packed full of nutrients. It’s amazing how so much goodness can come from such a small package. If you love cherries, then you will love Cheribundi."

Alison, at Racingtales, writes, "I’m a big fan of tart cherry juice and often add it to my smoothies. But I wasn’t sure I would like drinking it straight from the bottle. I started with the Ginger Cherry. You could definitely taste the ginger – subtle but not overbearing, it allowed for the tart cherry flavor to come through. The Tru Cherry was obviously the same but without the ginger, and the Skinny Cherry, with about 2/3 the calories and sugar of the other drinks (it contains Reb A, a natural stevia leaf sweetener), didn’t taste any different. I tasted the drinks straight from the bottle, refrigerated, of course, and also over ice. I liked them both ways."

Amanda, at The Nutritionist Reviews, says, "I'm sure you have probably heard about the possible awesome health benefits of drinking tart cherry juice. This one is not only good for you but tasty as well. The juice is not from concentrate and contains 50 cherries per little 8 oz bottle! I would definitely buy this juice in the future and think that it is a great healthy choice for a beverage."

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