Friday, August 10, 2012

Blog Review from Keep Moving Forward

The latest blog review is up and the verdict is delicious!

Kayla at Keep Moving Forward likes all the flavors but as a runner, she's especially partial to our protein flavor.

"I used the Whey Cherry for a recovery drink after a long run and after a hard workout and it felt incredibly refreshing both times! I really enjoyed every drop. It was an easy recovery drink because it was light and not super thick. It was also perfect for summer because it had a fruity flavor instead of a heavy chocolate or vanilla."

She also made a yummy float with Cheribundi and ice cream.  "Each of these drinks was super refreshing on ice.. but I decided to take it a little bit further with the Tru Cherry and make a dessert out of it - now if this isn't the best athlete's dessert than I don't know what is."

Kayla is giving away a free case of Cheribundi, so head over to Keep Moving Forward and enter the contest before August 15th. 

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