Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cheribundi Haiku

We asked our Facebook Fans to submit Cheribundi-themed Haiku, with "likes" to vote for the best ones. Here are the results of this challenge, with author's names attached.

Trees bow down bestow 
A gift that stains lips dark red
Prunus Avium
(Alison M.)

Sweet, tart: love itself
In a bottle full of life.
Liquid metaphor

(Kathryn D.)

Sweet and refreshing
with a tart and tasty twist.
Cheribundi, yum! 
(Amy R.)

Cheribundi's fun
delicious cheery cherry
in your tum yum yum
(Chinyere A.)

Haven't tried it yet
So pick me to win please do
Shameless plug I know
(Anne C.)

tart cherry juices
bottled delicious goodness
my mouth is puckered

(Ben W.)

Health is a party
Never the pits when I sip
Mon cheri cherry 
(Sarah H.)

I love Tart Cherries 
And That Cheribundi juice 
Now I will make pie 
(Little Birdy) 

Cheribundi will
Fix your inflammation good
Drink cherries daily


It cures what ails you 
Just seven days you feel good
Bottoms up! Oh yea!

(Little Birdy)

Fresh-pressed cherry juice
Full of anthocyanins
I'll drink you later

(Gina A.)

And the WINNER:

Yes! Cheribundi!
Like sunshine in a bottle.
Sweet, tart, delicious.

(Sadie J.)

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