Monday, March 7, 2011

A “Day in the Life” of cheribundi CEO Brian Ross

When he’s not spending time with friends, skiing the mountains of Colorado, or listening to his favorite new indie band, Brian Ross, aka, ‘the cherry king,’ spends his time as CEO of cheribundi. With an office headquartered in Boulder, CO, Brian oversees the day-to-day management of the company, helps strategically plan for cheribundi’s growth and develops ways to ‘spread the good cherry word.’ He also interacts with cheribundi’s investors, board of directors and employees…. and acts as an official “taste tester” of new and exciting cheribundi products. 

Ruby and Grayson
A father of two, 5 year old Ruby and 10 month old Grayson, Brian spends his days balancing family, work and a little fun too. What does a typical “Day in the Life” of Brian Ross look like? Let’s take a look…

Brian’s day often begins around 3am when he wakes up with baby Grayson to rock him back to sleep.  After that, Brian will catch a few more hours of zzzs before heading to the gym or a run around 5:30 or 6. When he has gotten his exercise for the day, Brian gets ready then drops off daughter Ruby at school before heading into his office in downtown Boulder. A small space, Brian works remotely from the rest of the cheribundi team, located in upstate New York. With the exception of a few employees coming in and out of the office, Brian is able to concentrate on cherries for the majority of his day that he spends at the office (when he’s not outside enjoying a beautiful and sunny Boulder day during his lunch break).
Brian hard at work at his office in Boulder, CO
In addition to the time Brian spends in his cheribundi-filled office, every other week he hits the road, traveling to Whole Foods stores and team meetings, sharing cheribundi with the U.S., one trip at a time. When he travels, Brian is usually gone for 2-3 nights before heading back to spend time with his family. 

After running the company for almost a year, what does Brian have to say? First of all, he never gets tired of cherries. Brian drinks one-two 8 oz. cheribundi tart cherry juices a day, and has never felt better. In his words, “I usually have lower back pain, but if I drink cheribundi daily I don’t feel it. It’s funny, if I miss one day of drinking the stuff, I can feel the pain start to creep back again.”

It's a tough job sampling delicious cherries all day....but someone's gotta do it!
His favorite part of the job is helping to build the business, informing consumers about the benefits of tart cherry juice and bringing tart cherry juice to the masses. He enjoys working together with the cheribundi management team and Board to strategically plan for the company’s next steps for growth. When asked about his least favorite part of the job, he responded “You know, I can’t think of one thing I don’t enjoy about working with cheribundi. It’s a great product, and I look forward to the future!”

So Brian….do you have any words of wisdom for those aspiring CEOs out there?

“It’s really important to be surrounded by good people day in and day out. I’m fortunate to have had wonderful work experiences in my past, and working with the cheribundi team is the best part of my job now. Also, enjoying a few cheribundi cocktails once in a while doesn’t hurt.”
Brian Ross, cheribundi CEO, aka the "Cherry King"

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