Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cherries for the Environment

You may think that creating a consumer product is harmful to the environment. In a lot of cases, it is. As a manufacturer you need to be aware of all of the factors that go into production such as packaging and packing materials, transportation and natural resources used, and the impact these processes can have on the earth. 

While no business is perfect, it’s important to realize that by taking sustainable steps in all aspects of production, a company can greatly reduce its environmental impact, and even help the environment recover from the actions of others.

So, you ask, what is cheribundi doing to reduce its footprint? Here are a few examples:

All juicing operations have as little environmental impact as possible
We use only domestic cherries to keep our juices from “traveling the world”. Our state of the art facilities are located within the Cornell Technology Farm in Geneva, NY.

100% US grown and juiced cherries
All the cherries that go into our juices are grown in the United States - either in Michigan or New York. Even better - we work with a farmers coop to source our fruit.

Drinking a bottle a day keeps two cherry trees in the ground for US farmers
Someone counted the ripe tart cherries on a tree and discovered there are about 7000 of those delicious red fruits on a tree. Since we put 50 of them in every bottle and recommend a bottle a day that’s 2 trees worth a year! (365 days x 50 cherries/bottle = 18250 cherries a year!)

All bottles and labels are PET plastic
Getting healthy whole foods delivered to people is a challenge. We decided that going with a PET plastic bottle and label made the most sense due the highly recyclable nature of PET plastic.

All out bottles and caps come from suppliers that have certified them to be BPA free.

100% Recyclable with a downstream product life (bags, shelves, even carpet)
PET plastic (recycle #1) is one of the most used post-consumer waste products. It makes decking, reusable shopping bags, park furniture and carpet (for starters).

All other packaging is recyclable
We use recycled materials where we can - and packing materials that are easily recycled. You can look in our recycling dumpster any time.

In addition to these initiatives, cheribundi is constantly working to cut back where possible, and preserve our environment for future generations to come. After all, we only have one planet – it our responsibility to keep it clean!

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