Friday, May 30, 2014

Jasmine Tea Refresh

Last, but not least of our Tea Refresh blends is our Jasmine Tea Refresh, my personal favorite. Our Jasmine Tea Refresh is made with freshly brewed tea, tart cherry juice, sugar, water and citric acid. 

One thing that makes Jasmine tea unique from other teas is its mildly sweet flavor and aromatic fragrance. This comes from blending tealeaves with petals from jasmine flower. This aroma has been found to promote relaxation and better sleep by calming moods and decreasing the body’s heart rate. This calming effect is especially beneficial for stress-induced high blood pressure and insomnia.

Like other teas, Jasmine tea is high in a group of powerful antioxidants that offer many different health benefits. Drinking Jasmine tea has been linked to reduced risk of cancer, reduced risk of stroke, and lower heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The sweet flavor from the Jasmine flower and tartness from our fresh-pressed cherries make up a perfect blend of deliciousness. We hope you enjoy this one :) 

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